How To Humidify a Room Without Really Trying

How To Humidify a Room Without Really Trying

We know that it may not be possible for you to purchase a humidifier. Even the most inexpensive ones may not fit into every budget. We also know that you want to get rid of the dry air in your house. You have family members who have a cold or allergies and they need relief.

You also want to stop being shocked every time you touch your loved ones. You would like to humidify a room or your whole house, but you just can’t squeeze a humidifier into the budget.

Don’t give up hope. We have come with some tips on how you can humidify your house without using a humidifier.

Tips On How To Humidify a Room

Maybe you don’t think it can be done. Just keep reading and see how you can humidify your house without the expense of a humidifier. Not all of these tips will cost you a lot of money. Some of the tips will be natural methods you may not have thought about.

Anyways, just keep reading so you can learn about humidifying a room without a humidifier.

Part One

  • Put houseplants throughout your home - plants give off moisture just make sure to keep them well watered.
  • Put clear water and plant-filled vases in the windows - the sun will help the water evaporate faster. The more evaporation the more humidity in the room.
  • Use your stove more - instead of heating water in a microwave, use your old-fashioned steam kettle. It puts steam where you need it - in the air.
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    Don’t close the bathroom door - but only when you are showering. The steam from a nice hot shower will raise the humidity levels in the rooms nearby.
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    Put bowls full of water on your heat registers - Your furnace will help heat the bowls which will heat the water, which will evaporate into the air.
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    Don’t use your dryer - Drying your clothes on a rack at room temperature will provide you with some extra humidity. You will save on your electric bills as well.

That is the first round of tips. Hopefully, you are still reading as we have more tips for you coming up.

How To Humidify A Room

Part Two

Okay, ready for the next round of tips? We hope so as here they come.

  • Seal up the cracks - If you have leaks you will lose your humidity even if you have a humidifier. Use caulk, weather stripping or plastic to seal up those heat loss areas.
  • Use a wet towel - like the water-filled pots, place these over vents or radiators.
  • Just boil water - you do not need an old-fashioned kettle. Just boil water in a pot. You can use your essential oils to help freshen the air. Just add a few drops to the pot of water.
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    Use your oven - when you are baking or making dinner, just put a pot of water on top of the stove and let the heat of the oven evaporate the water.
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    Use your crockpot - instead of making dinner cheaply, fill the crockpot with water and turn it on. The heat will evaporate the water into the air.
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    Make your own humidifier - That is right, you can do it. Just put a few holes, more than 10, in a plastic freezer bag and insert a damp, not too wet, sponge. Place it in the room and let the room temperature do the work of a humidifier.

That is the next round of tips. They all seem simple right and you are probably smacking your forehead saying, ‘I should have known that’. These are all very easy, simple tips to humidify your home without a humidifier.

Here comes the final round of tips.

Tips Humidify Room

Part Three

These tips are not that hard nor are they that costly. They should fit into any budget. Most of the items you already own so it is not that much of a problem to humidify a room.

  • Spray your curtains with water - if it is warm outside, just spray your curtains with some water and let the outside air come in. This will provide some humidity for your room.
  • Don’t vent outside - Not your anger but your clothes dryer. There are kits you can buy that will allow you to vent the hot moist air inside your house. On a cold winter’s day, you will like the extra heat you get.
  • Don’t drain the tub immediately - let the warm bathroom air evaporate the water from your tub. Just don’t use this method if you have small children- for obvious reasons.
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    Use the dishwasher - Instead of using the drying cycle, which will cost you money, just open the door and let the moist warm air out into the kitchen. You will like the savings and the higher humidity levels.
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    Try an indoor waterfall - The water will be relaxing as it evaporates and humidifies the room. But to be honest, if you can’t afford a humidifier you probably can’t afford this option either.
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    Use a vaporizer - you may have one already. A vaporizer gives off steam and will humidify your room like a humidifier.
How To Humidify Room

Let’s Be Honest

About how to humidify a room. These options sound great and may save money. But they may not be as effective as you want them to be. The best way to humidify your house or rooms is to purchase an actual humidifier.

Yes, your budget may be tight but if you skip going to McDonald’s, or other fast food restaurants, two or three times, maybe even four, you will save enough money to purchase a good portable humidifier.

Some Final Words

How to humidify a room without a humidifier is simple. There are some good ideas in those lists above. You may even use some of them right now. Just a little common sense and you can use raise the humidity levels in your house.

Just a word of caution, you cannot regulate these methods of humidifying a room and you may be giving bacteria, germs and other contaminants a great place to breed. You may be hurting your cold or allergy sufferer and not helping them.

Wow to humidify a room? The best way is to buy a humidifier.

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