Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring? – Your Definitive Answer

Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring? – Your Definitive Answer

We have all been there - those long boring nights where someone in the room is keeping everyone else awake with their snoring. You wish there was a quick solution other than smothering the person doing the snoring. The good news is that there is a good solution.

When you suffer from lack of rest due to other people’s snoring, you can turn to a good humidifier to help you. Humidifiers help moisten the air which helps relieve the snorer of problems due to dry air, cold and some respiratory problems.

The answer to the question does a humidifier help with snoring is yes they do.

What Causes Snoring?

Before we can talk about how a humidifier helps with snoring, we need to discuss the sources of the problem first. Once you understand the sources then it is easier to find the right humidifier to help you get through those long nights filled with someone’s snores.

1. Allergies & respiratory issues

2. Sleep and mouth position

3. Obesity and alcohol

Can a Humidifier Help with Snoring?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. A good humidifier cannot really help when the snoring source is the sleep position or obesity. Both of these sources are beyond the ability of the humidifier to fix.

But there is good news. A good humidifier can help with snoring if you suffer from allergies or other upper respiratory ailments. The moisture released by the humidifier helps loosen mucus while promoting drainage.

This, in turn, clears the nasal passages and allows the allergy sufferer to breathe easier and cuts down on their snoring. The added moisture also reduces swelling and sore throats helping clear the airways and cut the snoring.

can a humidifier help with snoring

Is the Air in Your Room too Dry?

This may be a big problem in the winter time. That is the season when you close your windows and doors, then lock them up or seal them tight. Then with the heat on all the time, the air tends to dry out.

Here are some tips to help you determine if your room needs a humidifier to moisten it:

  • Static electricity - when you get zapped a lot, you know the air in the room is not moist enough
  • Chapped lips - if you need to apply lip balm or moisturizer to your skin while in the room, then the room is too dry
  • Dry throat and nose in the morning - if you are getting congested regularly or waking up with a dry nose or throat, then the room is too dry
  • Wood and paint issues - when you start to see the wood trim or furniture start to warp or the paint on your ceilings and walls begin to crack, then the air in the room or your home is just too dry. Hardwood floors will also warp and crack when there is not enough moisture in the room

What is a Good Humidifier for Snoring?

There are a lot of great humidifiers on the market today that help with adding moisture to your home. They work hard at reducing those issues which help cause snoring.

But some models are better than others yet to find the right one, you should do a little test first.

How to test your room for moisture

Testing your room to check the levels of moisture to see if it is too dry or not, is not that difficult. All you need is a hygrometer and place it in your room. A hygrometer is similar to a thermometer but gives its results in percentages.

Once you have placed it in your room, give it a little time to register the moisture levels. After that, you can take action.

Which humidifier is best

A whole house humidifier does wonders in keeping your home comfortable for everyone. But sometimes that is just not enough to handle the snoring issue. That comfortable air, for some reason, just does not reach the person who snores too much.

The best humidifier for snoring issues is a portable one. The reason for that is that you can apply more moisture to the area of your room that needs it most. You can set it up next to your bed and make sure the person snoring gets the full benefit of the added moisture.

You can use cool or warm mist portable humidifiers. Both work well in this situation. The key is that the simpler the humidifier the better. All the complicated features on well-endowed humidifiers do not solve the snoring issue.

You just need moist air and nothing else.

How to use the humidifier

There are three good steps you need to follow when using a portable humidifier for preventing snoring.

  • Start it about an hour before you go to bed
  • Keep the humidifier no further than 5 feet away from your bed
  • Run the humidifier all night

Some Final Words

Now you know that a good portable humidifier is your best weapon against snoring. Along with that, you should understand that there are some causes that the humidifier cannot help you solve.

Those issues may need the help of a good doctor, diet or a simple chan​ge of sleeping positions. But one thing is for sure, a good humidifier will help reduce many sources for snoring allowing you to get a better night’s rest.

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