Personal vs Commercial Humidifier: What Is the Best Humidifier to Use Today?

Personal vs Commercial Humidifier: What Is the Best Humidifier to Use Today?

Humidifiers boost indoor humidity levels to make dry air fresher and more comfortable. During cold months, humidity levels usually drop since cold air can’t hold moisture. Even if you crank up your thermostats and use heater to humidify the air, moist doesn’t get replaced.

To avoid problems such as cracked lips, nosebleeds, and irritated sinuses due to lower humidity levels, you need to get a high-quality humidifier that can add moisture to your indoor environment. There are so many types of humidifier available on the market today. Humidifiers can be classified as personal and commercial humidifiers.

It may be a challenge, but don’t worry because at the end of this article, we will introduce you to the best humidifier you can ultimately benefit from.

a personal humidifier

A personal humidifier

What is a Personal Humidifier?

Personal humidifiers are often used in hotel rooms and bedrooms to avoid too dry atmosphere. This type is not suitable for larger rooms, but useful in areas measuring up to 25 square feet. Personal humidifiers are portable, so you can bring them when traveling.

What is a Commercial Humidifier?

Before investing in humidifiers, it’s important to understand how they work and the benefits of commercial humidifiers in specific industries. A commercial humidifier is designed for work environments, homes, and other larger spaces. It keeps relative humidity at more comfortable levels between 30 percent to 50 percent.

What are the Health Problems Caused by Low Humidity?

Poor air quality and low humidity is not good for the health. Some of the most common problems include headaches, dehydration, flu, colds, runny nose, and dry throat. Avoid these health issues by using the right humidifier for improved sleep and increased energy levels.

Applications of Humidification Systems

Commercial humidifiers can be applied to various industries such as office buildings, museums, laboratories, and data centers. These humidification systems are generally installed air handling units or air ducts. They don’t require steam or compressed air.

The following are the benefits of humidification systems:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Robust equipment and proven technology
  • Condition and cool the air efficiently
  • hand-o-right
    Suspend airborne contaminants and dust
  • hand-o-right
    Eliminate static electrical energy
installing commercial humidifier

Commercial humidifier installation

What are the Effects of Dry Air in Homes?

Over time, dry air can undermine the interior and overall structure of your home. It can cause furniture and wood floors to separate while the wallpaper and paint might peel off. But the major effect of dry air is the development of static electricity.

Dry air can lead to irreversible damage to valuable belongings such as fine art and musical instruments. Humidifiers help manage these issues while preventing them from coming back.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

All humidifiers work in the same manner no matter what type of technology used. These home appliances produce moisture into indoor air through invisible mist. However, there are various types of humidification appliances which offer different ways to moisturize indoor air.

For instance, evaporative humidifiers use internal fan in pulling air to the unit while passing through the water saturated wick filter for moisture absorption. Saturated air combined with moisture is then propelled by the fan through the space for circulation.

What Type of Humidifier Should You Choose?

Choosing the type of humidifier depends on the unique preferences of users. One excellent tip is the kind of moisture you want to fill in your space. A cool mist humidifier can distribute room temperature moisture inside your bedroom. It can drop the temperature of your room by several degrees.

On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier distributes heated moisture inside a room. As a result, the room temperature rises by some degrees. To help you decide which type of humidifier to buy, consider that the cool mist type can be used all year round when temperature fluctuates.

Ideal Humidity Levels to Maintain

The ideal humidity levels are those measuring between 30 percent to 50 percent. Humidity level exceeding 50 percent can allow the growth of molds, bacteria, dust mites, and other contaminants.

Humidity level below 30 percent can increase the risks of flu and cold viruses in your home. Too dry air can lead to respiratory problems and other uncomfortable symptoms. To avoid them, the recommended humidity level should be 45 percent to 50 percent.

What Size of Humidifier Do You Need?

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing a humidifier. You can find square foot coverage in the specifications of the product. Refer to the label before buying a humidifier.

Before you shop for a humidifier, make sure that you have the measurements for the area where the humidifier will be installed. Remember that a compact tabletop humidifier is enough to moisturize a single room.

What’s the Capacity of Humidifiers?

Humidifier capacity is the maximum moisture produced per day. It differs depending on the size of the water bottle or tank. Typically, the size of the water tank is less than the capacity of the unit. For example, a tabletop humidifier can contain one to four gallons of water.

Some Final Words

Finding a personal or commercial humidifier can be a bit of a challenge. Good thing there is Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier to help you meet your humidification needs. This product boosts indoor air quality while maintaining the ideal humidity level in your room.

In addition, this personal humidifier is battery operated and can be brought during travels. It is designed with 20-ounce water bottle to conveniently produce the right amount of moisture. The product also uses PureMist ultrasonic technology to humidify air quietly and quickly while projecting hygienic air at 15 decibels.

If you’re looking for a lightweight humidifier, consider the Fancii brand. It’s perfect for cars, offices, bedrooms, tents, hotels, and even on your flights. The product is cordless, so you can bring it anywhere and anytime you need a device to moisturize your space.

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge on how personal and commercial humidifiers work. And we’ve even recommended the best humidifier you can use today. So, are you ready to experience more comfortable air in your room?

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