What Is The Difference Between A Vaporizer And A Humidifier

What Is The Difference Between A Vaporizer And A Humidifier

You are wandering the aisles of your home improvement store because you have been told by your friends, family or doctor that you need to get a humidifier or vaporizer for your home. They tell you that the air is too dry in your region and that these units will help you and your family live more comfortably.

But how do you know you are getting the right one for your home? It is a difficult choice as each unit brings many benefits with them. Asking the right questions and getting the right answers will help you make the best choice.

This article will ask and answer those important questions, so you can make an informed choice and pick the right unit for your home.

What Options Do You Have?

No matter if you are buying a humidifier or a vaporizer, you do have options. There are different variations of each unit you can choose from.


  • Cool mist - this uses a fan to disperse the vapor throughout your room
  • Warm mist - uses heat to break down the water into a vapor before sending into the room
  • Ultrasonic - the unique method of changing the water is vibration and a diaphragm
  • Chevron Square Right
    Impellar - this uses a rotary disk to turn water into a cool vapor


  • Steam - this uses heat to turn the water into steam, then blows the steam out into the room to moisten the air
  • Waterless - yes there is such a thing. This variation of the vaporizer uses pre-moistened pads to moisten the air.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Humidifier Or Vaporizer?

Many people have gotten along fine without either units. They seem to live healthy lives in spite of the dry air. So, you may think that you do not need one either. That may be a mistaken calculation.

What a lot of people do not know is that the dry air can affect your health. The dry winter or regional air can dry out nasal passages, making it hard for you or your family to breathe normally.

When your nasal passages dry out, this condition if not attended to, can lead to illnesses like colds, bronchitis, and nosebleeds. The dry air makes harder for a person to endure the pain and effects of those illnesses.

A humidifier or vaporizer can also help kill dust mites and other bacteria that gather in your home unnoticed.

What Do Humidifiers And Vaporizers Do?

The basic answer is that both units moisten the dry air by releasing moisture into it through a variety of methods. Doctors state that the ideal humidity level for any room in your house is at 40 to 50 %. 

Anything lower than that is not healthy and can cause you and your family health problems.

differences between humidifier and vaporizer

What Are The Differences Between A Humidifier And A Vaporizer?

You may not think that there are differences between the two units since they both put moisture in the air. This handy and easy to read chart should help you see the difference between the two:







Moisture levels

Warm and cool



Very safe

Hot water issues

Prevent germs etc

Very good

Very good


Both very difficult and easy

Very easy

Refill water

Usually very easy

Very easy


Low to high


Energy efficient

Usually very good

A little more expensive


Depends on the model


As you can see there are a few differences. In reality though, the vaporizer and humidifier do the same chore. They both put moisture in the air when the environmental conditions of your house become too dry.

Your choice will depend on your house’s floor plan, design, living situation and the region you are living in. 

So Are There Any Important Differences Between The Two?

The answer to that question is yes. Most humidifier models are designed more to help prevent certain wealth conditions from rising in your home. But once you or your family member become sick, they are not good at doing anything else.

They can keep the conditions of your home at optimum humidity levels to relieve some suffering but that is about it.

Vaporizers have a unique quality. They are usually designed to allow you to add medicine to them. The vaporizer then mixes the medicine with the steam and sends both into the air. You can help yourself or your loved one get better with a vaporizer.

Now some models of humidifiers do have this feature but if you do not already own it, you have to go out and spend more money. That is not always a good option.

Why Do Doctors And Others Not Like Vaporizers?

Their opposition to vaporizers is found more in fear than any known flaw in vaporizers. Because vaporizers use heat to create steam, doctors and parents feel that the child could get burned by the heat or hot water.

In some cases, their fears have become a reality. But that is not the vaporizer’s fault. It only takes a little common sense to place the vaporizer out of reach of their sick children or teach their child not to touch it.

You do not remove stoves or furnaces from a home just because a child can get burnt by the heated elements. The same for vaporizers. A little common sense and they are as safe as any humidifier.

Some Final Words

The choice is really up to you to make. We like the vaporizer over most humidifiers simply because of its medicinal value. Both units do a great job in putting moisture into the air.

What we like about most humidifiers is that some models are able to bring coverage to the whole house at the same time everyone receives the same protection. They are also good at preventing health issues. Vaporizers are at their best after someone falls ill.

Do your research and learn all the details about both units before making your decision.

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